Want to Know More About apartments?

Want to Know More About Apartments?

Susan and her children Adam and Annie ages eight and six years old, a medium size dog and a cat are locating to a new city with a new job and school. Susan is on a strict budget and has many things to check out when it comes to finding the right apartment for her children, pets and for herself.

Susan has her own car and is interesting in the parking facilities. She is also interested in knowing if there is a school bus that can pick the children up and drop them off every day. Susan is wondering about having to leave their dog in the apartment all day and is looking to see if there is a dog sitting place where their dog can be taken care of and be able to play outside. Susan would also like a neighborhood that is safe to take walks in and be able to take the children to a park close by to play in after a day of work and school to relax, and to be able to take their dog with them so they can all spend time together.

Susan is looking for a three bedroom apartment with one whole bathroom and half a bathroom, a large eat in kitchen and a place for her children to do their homework or relax on the computer or watch television. She would also like laundry facilities in the apartment so she does not have to go out for quarters or drive to the laundry mat each week. She would also like to have a chute that goes from the apartment down to the dumpster.

Grocery shopping and shopping for school clothes is a big job and having grocery stores close by or name brand stores to shop at can save time and money. Susan finally finds the apartment that she has been looking for. It is perfect in size, in a good neighborhood, close to the park and schools, great stores for all kinds of shopping and the school bus stops right in front of their apartment building, and she found a great place for her dog, and she has a great garage to park her car to keep it safe and out of the weather. Once she picks up their dog, she arrives back in time to pick up her children at the bus and walk into their new apartment.