Charlotte Nc Is Home to These Two Great Restaurants

How many times have you been to Charlotte, North Carolina? Maybe you will recognize one of the top two restaurants there I am going to tell you about. Charlotte is huge, right? So we will see if you know them, or maybe you are not familiar with Charlotte at all. Let’s get to taking that look at two of the city’s top places to eat so that you have great picks. It is quite easy to pick them from the rankings at least because there are so many of them.

We have been to Charlotte restaurants before. Are you in the mood to try out some barbecue the way it is done in North Carolina? One thing that you would notice from the menu highlights automatically is that the place has hush puppies. Now who isn’t going to enjoy some deliciously made hush puppies with their barbecue? I don’t even know if I have been to a place that serves up hush puppies with barbecue or not. I would think so if the place serves catfish though, too. I forgot to tell you the name of the restaurant, Midtown Market, and it has your brisket and your burnt ends, too.

The other restaurant we are going to take a look at in Charlotte is Cabo Fish Taco Baja Seagrill. Are you a fan of black beans and rice? Black beans are some of my favorite. You are likely aware that you have the chance to have a margarita. They have all kinds of great food on the menu to fill up on, both restaurants do. I think I would start with the barbecue restaurant, what about you? Maybe you would rather try out the popular tuna tacos at the Seagrill first, but just get ready to enjoy some great eats in Charlotte.